crack cocaine and PCP mixed together usually to be smoked
also known as space base
My friend's been smokin that space rock!
by Lauren_ November 25, 2007
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Rocks or 'Gems' that once came to take over Earth for themselves. They then grew heavily attracted to each other and were too busy doing the do to take Earth over any further.
Did you hear about Bird Mom quitting her job? Yeah, she's a total Gay Space Rock now.
by Bloopoolb June 5, 2016
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An individual who is slow; spacey, a little to happy, off the ball, picked last, generally oblivious
Pay attention space rock. That space rock has no idea what's going on.
by Spacerock33 June 19, 2017
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A micro-genre of psychedelic rock music that is influenced by many different eastern cultures.
Have you heard Popul Vuh, man? They're using all sorts of sitars, didgeridoos, and water drums. It's some real spice rack space rock
by nuerdino February 18, 2013
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