A phrase describing something that is so obviously bad for someone that it is sarcastically described as being great news. Derived from the 2008 Election where FOX news tried to make any news pertaining to the election, especially bad news, as a positive some how for John McCain!
Fox News Anchor: "Today photos were found of John McCain sodomizing his illegal immigrant lawn boy Juan."

Fox News Pundit: "This is Great news! For John McCain!."


Fox News Anchor: "Barack Obama leads in polls 99% to 1% with only 2 days before the election.

Fox News Pundit: "This is Great news! For John McCain!"
by Eartling Andy May 22, 2009
/ɡrāt n(y)o͞oz/
phrasal adjective

• when a correction as been made on a previously incorrect statement.

• when offering information that blatantly contradicts a previous statement to correct it.

• in response to an uncalled for statement or comment of either the absurd or scary nature.
Example 1
Sarah: I thought we weren’t getting a new update until next month?

Sarah: *after checking* Great news, it’s actually this Tuesday.

Example 2
tumblrpost#384: I read that the sky is red.

tumblrpost#384: Great news, it is not.

Example 3
tumblrpost384: A reminder that eating a carrots does not lead to immortal life.

forumuser544: immortal life is simply a vacuum in space that leaves you feeling cold and alone for the rest of eternity
tumblrpost#384: great news
by DandDood September 27, 2022
When a wild Ralph and or chase is on another planet
Omg where am I... *post on private storygreat news!”
by Rmillerdude September 4, 2019