A Kev is the name given to the end of a joint, the small section left before the roach
forgetting you have the joint until its a kev

coming from the name of a legend of a brother who has sadly past recently, when we grew up in our small town this term seemed to stick in our friend group and my brother liked to travel so I know this term has already made it to Africa & Germany along with many many other places.... long story, he was some man.... I want to make him immortal, he will be missed
Did you just kev me, would you like a kev, did you just smoke that whole thing by yourself kev, ffs kev did you just kev me
by you've been kev'd November 18, 2019
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A ‘kev’ is the word used in South-England to describe a vape. Inspired by the long lost soldier, their head of year, Kev, who would take away vapes from the cool kids changing in the toilet. You would use the word ‘kevving’ when you are using the ‘kev’.
”I’m going for a kev
“I’m going kevving
“Allow us some tokes on your kev”
“I’ve been kevving so hard recently”

“Allow us a toke on your kev”
“Here you go”
“Is it 20mg?”
“Of course my kev has 20mg, 20mg or nothing”
by original kev lord March 3, 2020
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Kev is a word used to describe someone who is rude and entitled.

No one likes it when you’re a Kev
That boy is such a Kev, major red flag!
by Minieggs4eva January 14, 2023
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A kev is a total twat who thinks he's it. He usually wears trainers with springs on them (Called Nike Shox) and Scottish Kilt clothing like Burberry. They have a huge vendetta against rockers (who rule may I add:-D)and will get any chance to start on them. They are scrawny and scatty little tramps who think theyre 10 ft (theyre really 4ft) tall and 250 lbs and usually start on u when theyre with a group of friends. For example - Year 8 boy, 4ft 6ins "Yo star! You biggin up to me?" you are a 5ft 6ins guy - you dont need to.

You have to admire these kids in a way - there bravery, courage, lack of dick, lack of strength and of course, referring to my example, lack of height. If you know anyone hoo is indeed, a kev, use this definition to make him realise his place
Rocker boy walking along the street, gang of 15 kevs come over
"Yo, what u sayin bout ma mom?"
"Er...nuffin u prik"
"Dont b cheeky"
"Shut up"
"oooooooooooooooo, dont let him cheek u lk that!"
**rocker lashes out, kev starts cryin**
"Im gonna get my big brother on u n ur family!"
Cowardly innit?
by Jim March 6, 2005
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wanker scum that comes froma council estate, normally wear tracksuit, gold chain and baseball cap and shitty trainers. think they're solid and walk like they're trying to keep their drugs hidden up they're arse. shuld all be shot on the spot
"yeah mush, come on then u startin!"
by ollie c August 10, 2004
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word is used to be applied to males who like to fall down or up stairs, off chairs, and in bathrooms and enjoys the companionship from multiple females within the 21771 zip code. He is also known to attack females in the 1001 block of Twin Arch Road
I was having sex with this guy and after we were done he told me who he had sex with. He was such a Kev!
by sc80rm39 October 28, 2010
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Jesus man Kev was a dickhead last night, he nearly killed Laura.
by chizzy666 June 8, 2011
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