A pie is a kilo of coke
"If u had pies then I woulda been heard of you, I prolly supply the guy thats been servin' you."

- Cassidy
by shylock holmes August 26, 2006
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famous new zealand colloquialism to describe a girl of very low calibre. someone or something very unattractive.
jerome> hey did you score last night?
leroy> yeah mate, tyrone's sister, you know her?
jerome> oh my god, shes pies.

dude a> hey did you see 'Saw II'
dude b> fuck yes, it was pies
by olle olsen September 16, 2006
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a fabulous, beautiful girl who is cute (as in cutie-pie) and is extremely talented. Not too sweet and not too bitter - similar to a rhubarb pie.
My roommate tia-pies is the shit!
by greeneyed1 June 12, 2006
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Pi is an irrational number (meaning the digits never end or have a repeating pattern) that is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter...this ratio is a constant for any circle, regardless of size.
by PY Love and Peace June 6, 2013
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Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction.
I found out about porn addiction and its consequences like PIED on this subreddit called NoFap
by josephisalive July 27, 2014
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To be ignored
I just got pied
Go ahead and pie me
by 69rat69 March 24, 2017
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"Pie it" is a phrase often used when an individual wishes to purposefully ignore a person or event.
1. Julia: "Hey did you go round to that girl's house?"

Andrew: "Nah I pied it."

2. Andrew: "Hey are you gonna ask Snape out?"

Julia: "Nah think I'm gonna pie it."
by pie it August 22, 2009
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