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A pie is a kilo of coke
"If u had pies then I woulda been heard of you, I prolly supply the guy thats been servin' you."

- Cassidy
by shylock holmes August 26, 2006
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famous new zealand colloquialism to describe a girl of very low calibre. someone or something very unattractive.
jerome> hey did you score last night?
leroy> yeah mate, tyrone's sister, you know her?
jerome> oh my god, shes pies.

dude a> hey did you see 'Saw II'
dude b> fuck yes, it was pies
by olle olsen September 16, 2006
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The moob-master in Dragid. His moobs are bigger than those of flat girls.
Damn, Py's moobs give me a woody.
by Py November 03, 2004
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What New Yorkers call their Pizzas.
"Let me have a piece of that pie"
by Dontmatter June 05, 2005
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