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While there are several places named Gravesend, this definition pertains to the neighborhood in Brooklyn, N.Y. of that name.

Gravesend in Brooklyn isn't quite a "hole", but it's not a very exciting place either. From the perspective of a resident and also of a somewhat-youth, probably the only things that are useful about Gravesend are its endless 99 cent stores and discount stores, and its convenient closeness to Coney Island. Besides those things, Gravesend is depressingly average.
There is not as much crime here as in other neighborhoods in N.Y. In the past few years, there have been a few shootings (most unfortunately), some stabbings, and a whole bunch of potential rapists (watch out for them!!), but it could be a lot worse.
The population of Gravesend was very Italian but is slowly becoming predominantly Asian.
If you want to go somewhere "hip", go to Park Slope, don't go to Gravesend.
by Me and Mine April 01, 2006
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