Coney Island is the best place in Brooklyn. It is right next to the water (Atlantic Ocean), has an amazing boardwalk and a cool amusement park . It is home to the original Nathan's and has one of the oldest roller coaster. Also Smorgasburg is now in Coney Island!
"Have you heard about Coney Island ? I heard the rides are sick!"

"I really need a good hot dog. Let's go to Coney Island."
by angelicax September 02, 2015
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A large neighborhood in Brooklyn, thats close to to water. Coney Island is most famous for its huge amusement park, but is also a place to live. Over the past few years, Coney Island has gotten dirty and most parts or it is ghetto.
The Wonder Wheel down in Coney Island is so cool, you can see it light up at night.
by GAME50 November 08, 2005
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When you shit a hot dog or sausage size turd followed by a saucy like shit covering the top. Best seen when using a European toilet.
Roy: Oh man I dropped a Coney Island in your toilet
Lisa: Eeeww I'm your girlfriend why are you telling me this?

Dante: Oh man these European toilets are whack! I just dropped a Coney Island and I saw it up close!
by window shopper June 15, 2011
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Totally awesome. I love it cause it's so original and raw. what other rollercoaster has been going since 1927? And the Wonder Wheel is ever older. Everything in Coney is rooted in Coney... and then it spread outward to the virgin world.
"It takes like a fuckin' hour to get to Coney Island."
"It's so worth it."
by *Bee* June 22, 2006
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a manually administered sexual adventure involving a hotdog bun wrapped snugly about the phallus. The Coney Island can be an accoutrement of autoerotic activity or the impassioned ballet of lovers twain. Much like the staple of the American foodscape, the member may be ensconced in sauer kraut, celery salt, basel, loganberries, etc.
Receiver of The Coney Island: "Yo bitch, how's bout we forget the condoms and mints and go straight to the condomints. I'm ready to get my Coney Island on." (Aforementioned 'bitch' then wraps his engorged penis with a hotdog bun, covers it in relish, and gets bizzzay.) "Baby, it may not be a foot-long, but it's 100% Kosher beef...oh yeah, you got it.'s a juicy one, don't squirt your eye, baby. . .goddamn that's enriched wheat. .ahhh. .ahhh. ahhhhhhh. . .SHAZAAAAAAAAAAM."
by TheHumanTunneler June 06, 2006
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Unusual conelike breasts with sharp pointed nipples. Often seen in Belgian beauties.
Dang Ericka you got some coney islands!
by KTizzle4Shizzle November 06, 2007
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