A state of low quality. Used to describe an item, situation or place of low quality nature.
His car is falling apart, it's so discount.
by South Central August 12, 2006
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OMG! She is such a discount.
by TeddyRoo September 28, 2007
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A of the og part of the price was cut off
That night go a discount on them new Jordans
by halosight June 4, 2019
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To get a sick deal or to steal some shit.
Price got himself some rocks discounted. What a greezy fuck.
by BaBaBooE July 29, 2007
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Refers to the resentment or dissatisfaction that someone feels regarding a reduced payment, either because the person thinks that he should have been charged even less than the price that the seller agreed to, or he thinks that he should be getting/keeping more funds than he is being allowed in said transaction.
In the famous 1942 Basil Rathbone film "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon", Pegleg displays extreme and bitter discountent when Holmes makes HIM pay Jack Brady the required five-pound "information-bribe" out of the ten that Holmes had already given Pegleg to bring Holmes to Jack's carpentry shop.
by QuacksO June 8, 2019
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one has received the winona discount on an item when it is shoplifted
It's o.k. I didn't spend a bundle on it; I took the winona discount.
by the destroyer October 31, 2003
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