an awkward moment after a bad joke when noone laughs and everyone is silent.
James gowing: hey how about those irish referees? better get them some more baulding cream!

everyone: ...
by jes November 14, 2006
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Pronounced like cow with a g plus ed.

A term meaning the same as drunk or inebriated.
Usually used by the common folk in Butte, Montana.
I was all gowed.
We got gowed up.
We were seriously gowed.
Let's get gowed!
by bibblebabble January 15, 2009
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Man GoW is coming out November 12th, I'm getting it!
by Devon Wilson October 28, 2006
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abbrev. Gulp of wine, glass of wine, gallon of wine.
When it's getting too much. Cheers and a GOW will make it better
by TrayBell July 8, 2016
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verb, gow, gowed
To leave without telling anyone. To gow out.
I didn't see him last night, he must have gowed out.
by Scholarly Source March 31, 2011
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Grumpy old woman.
Like when your friend is moaning about the weather.
Or when an old lady is complaining at you.

Can be applied to both males & females.
You're such a gow
by emememememememememem June 7, 2011
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Originally a dari word meaning "cow", however recently this word has been used as an alternative to the word "bitch."
Rita: Did you see that girl give me a nasty look?
Sabrina: That gow! Rita, hold my earrings!
by Noorzay4Life June 16, 2011
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