A vigilante town that used to have 1/2 million or a million residents due to the gold rush. It's known as "Fight Town USA". Evel Knievel, the original motorcycle stuntsman, lived there. The population is now about 33,000. It's often referred to as "Butt, Montana".
Butte, Montana sure is a unique place. It has the world's largest copper mine which is no longer in use. Residents are very friendly & strangers strike up conversations. The old open~pit copper mine is referred to as "The Pit" & is now full of water. It's Huge! The town of Walkersville, north of Butte, actually has people that live in Real tarpaper shacks! Most everyone there is poor & rent is cheap.
by Starchylde May 26, 2016
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A pair of tidy whities, stretched up and over the shoulders, arms coming out where the legs usually go.
Dumbass, wtf with the montana butt floss?!? Are you trying to figure out the ultimate wedgie? Or did you just have a bongload of salvia?
by ratstalker March 29, 2013
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