National make a move day: girls make a move on a boy you like. Make it a big one;)
I'm going to make a move on my couch today because it's November 12th
by The realest one #1 October 20, 2019
The great legend, Stan the Man Lee passed on this day, November 12th, 2018, EXCELSIOR!
by madeLAME is sad November 9, 2019
Me: let’s sit together on November 12th
Girlfriend: all time bet!!!
by Toby cotly November 6, 2019
National kick your tallest friend in the nuts day.This is a day where you have to go up to your tallest friend and kick them in the nuts.
“Hey bro it’s November 12th National kick your tallest friend in the nuts day”
“Alright go for it
by シXehn November 6, 2019
slap your friend David in the face.
John: Hey David,Do you know what day is it today?
David:November 12th...
by that tall friend November 11, 2019
National be a dumbass day where it's the only day for you to be a dumbass.
Tim : Hey Luna,it's November 12th and you know What that means.

Luna : Tim... No
by elrapidswasfound November 4, 2019