Man GoW is coming out November 12th, I'm getting it!
by Devon Wilson October 28, 2006
Grumpy old woman.
Like when your friend is moaning about the weather.
Or when an old lady is complaining at you.

Can be applied to both males & females.
You're such a gow
by emememememememememem June 7, 2011
abbr. for gods of war
by admin July 25, 2003
1. A large, gluttonous feast.

2. To overeat in a ravenous, animalistic fashion.
That was a serious Thanksgiving gow.

We fucking gowed that pizza like we stole it.
by jonnywords September 15, 2010
Chat with a friend or friends over a glass of wine.
"We're going over to Theresa's house for a gow. Want to come?"
by Shenandoah May 6, 2010
person 1: i just got robbed for my stuff

person 2: GOW!!!
by lewis200292 April 10, 2009
A street name for Heroin. Popular in the Varrios of LA
I know where to cop some good "gow".
by Scottdawg October 30, 2005