Expression commonly used in place of "...and I said", when re-enacting a past conversation in a current one. Usually followed with the response to said conversational dialogue in the form of "and (s)he was all".
"Well, I was all, omigawd, he is SO buff!" Candi explained to her friend, Maria. "And she was all, 'you're totally right about that. fa shizzle.'"
by JT October 28, 2003
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I Do All! is a YouTube with over one hundred million subscribers and is the fastest growing channel on YouTube (don't look that up its 100% true) subscribe to I Do All today he is the son of PewDiePie but has a better channel
by Not _Pewdiepie December 10, 2019
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Am I behind you? Above you? Or even right in front of you?
No matter. I still see you.

actually, this is just a terribly made mii made in the mii channel that has huge round eyes and oversized glasses, as well as a unibrow, as well as an afro. everything that can be colored in is black.
Me: Oh god there's I see all in the background. He's actually looking at the camera now. Welp, this is how I die.
by Nja09 December 18, 2017
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Meaning a guy who has alot of hunnies
Dude, you are a loser. No I have all!
by Brittany October 2, 2003
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You were truly in love with her.
Friend : you were so good to her
Me: yea I was all over her😔
by Let me bleed September 20, 2020
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wanting every aspect of someone, usually to have sex.
girl :"what do you want?"
boy: " I want all you"
by elmma January 14, 2008
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