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An exclamation of exitement, can be used along with w00t and weet all together in a high voice (3 w's of exitment)
Im so happy w00t wEEt weee!
by finalmandalorian February 28, 2005
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something said when one is really excited and cant wait for something to happen.
the bands about to play and im feeling all weeeeeeeeee!
by jessica May 12, 2004
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the noise some dorks or nerds make when they try to argue about something but lose control of their speaking (dosent cry).
Nerd: omg man i love runescape!
Guy: runescape is for nerds.
Nerd: runescape is like totaly realistic and the physics and magic and...and...w..w..weee!
by serb69 July 25, 2009
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A godly Lineage II and CS-player who enjoy owning noobs like Lyneun, (see Lyneun, or fluffer).

Weee is god!
Weee rox!
Weee just wtfpwned me! :(
...I hate Weee, he's pking me all the time..
by ThePeople February 04, 2005
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