An exclamation of exitement, can be used along with w00t and weet all together in a high voice (3 w's of exitment)
Im so happy w00t wEEt weee!
by finalmandalorian March 1, 2005
something said when one is really excited and cant wait for something to happen.
the bands about to play and im feeling all weeeeeeeeee!
by jessica May 13, 2004
When something is very cringy or can be used when is funny.Can add on more es when its very cringy.
ZK asked out a girl responds with weee
by BIGGG E July 13, 2019
the noise some dorks or nerds make when they try to argue about something but lose control of their speaking (dosent cry).
Nerd: omg man i love runescape!
Guy: runescape is for nerds.
Nerd: runescape is like totaly realistic and the physics and magic and...and...w..w..weee!
by serb69 July 25, 2009
What is said when words are not suitable for the occasion, or to emphasise something positivly, can be followed by the word "Damn"
1) OOOH WEE!! Thats one bad ass tune!
2) Fine girl walks past Albert
Albert: OOOH WEEE!!! DAMN!!
by Shay-D January 24, 2005