Urban term of endearment used by males to describe their significant other.
yeah me and my beeotch was just maxin when the 5-0 rolled up on us.
by Justice October 15, 2002
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1 half of a can of lager beer mixed with one ounce of scotch
drunk, scotch, beer, drink, goooood feelings, Beeotch
by Ol Dirty P September 05, 2011
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The use of mixing a bitch and a crotch so it makes a bitch crotch
Julia wants some of that bee-otch
by Kyle83 and Matt January 02, 2008
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The incorrect spelling of biatch most often used by pissy know nothing biatches. Especially when they have drank past thier limit of 3 beers in a 24 hour period.
Call your doctor today bee-otch!
Gee Dave, I know I'm the biggest bee-otch of em all, but I'll deny it if anyone asks.
by Heckle King March 17, 2005
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