Urban term of endearment used by males to describe their significant other.
yeah me and my beeotch was just maxin when the 5-0 rolled up on us.
by Justice October 16, 2002
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1 half of a can of lager beer mixed with one ounce of scotch
drunk, scotch, beer, drink, goooood feelings, Beeotch
by Ol Dirty P September 6, 2011
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A drinking buddy that clocks in with you and drinks like it's their job. See clock in.
Hey Work Beeotch...Are you clocking in tonight?
by WorkBeeotch Mandi June 14, 2011
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When one plants an idea for Sturfing in a females head. The said female sturfs it and reports back with the facts from the net. A rare breed of woman.
The Dath - Hi Rockii wonder how you copy Wii games.

Rockii: Dath i sturfed that here is the answer.

The Dath: Thanks Sturf Beeotch.
by Sturfing Fan June 9, 2009
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Someone who rubs an open sore or cut on your clothing. thus giving you "hepatitis"
"kalani rubbed her gross cut on my pants that hepatitis beeotch!
by Dylando April 15, 2009
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derivative of pleasure beach

A girl who is alot of fun, a cheap ride, but you only go there once in the summer when you've been on an all day bender with tha boys
see ya later boys i'm off to the pleasure beeotch
by bird October 13, 2004
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