French term refering to the extravagant and often absurd and impractically unrealistic fashion pieces that designers create to demonstrate their unique style and inventiveness.

Proper pronunciation can be tricky; haute is somewhere between ought and oat, pronounced quickly so that the o is highly unrounded ("oh", if held long enough, ends up sounding like a /oo/). couture is pronounced ko'tur with a highly unrounded 'o', a 'u' that sounds almost like a german umlaut, and an 'r' made in a way similar to gargling.

Alternatively, you could pronounce it in a very American fashion as 'ought kuh-ter'.

See also: couture
You can find plenty of haute couture in Parisian shops.
by koji May 23, 2004
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A word that Bert McCracken and Gerard Way can not pronounce.
Bert> "This Haute couture.. is some crazy shit."
by amandA April 25, 2005
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Fench for high sewing, refering to the quality of clothes. The term is ambigous. In some circles, it refers strictly to clothes manufactured in Paris, where use of the term is governed, but late in the last century it has been extended to include the produce of houses in other large cities around the world.
Haute couture is always to be pronounced in a french accent, to appease the needs of glitterati.

Haute couture poker
by Kung-fu Jesus July 6, 2004
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a french word literally meaning High Culture...a.k.a. something that's "supposed" to be really fashionable.
kim: leggings are haute couture?

matthew: i like legs.
by Kim L'Amour October 2, 2006
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well made luxury sexy designer garments that make a statement when worn
camikiya garments are all about sexy haute couture a new genre in fashion today
by clarity kingdom July 11, 2010
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The act of leaving the poker table when you are up $50.00 leaving the others to lose their $$.
Dan left the Haute Couture Pokeur table at 11:00pm.
by Nummy Bear October 11, 2003
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The act of playing poker while wearing Haute Couture Fashion.
Please join us at Craig and Cory's house for a friendly game of Haute Couture Pokeur.
by Babycakes October 8, 2003
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