BBS is an acronym for Belligerent Boys Summer - note that it is pronounced "Beta Beta Sigma." The term was coined in Boston during the summer of '22 and refers to a summer filled with general ignancy and shenanigans such as chugging Steel Reserve with the boys.
Guy One: Hey what if we figured out how to shotgun a 42 ouncer of Steel Reserve then ass branded ourselves with ΝΣΕ?
Guy Two: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Guy One: Sir I'll have you know its BBS!
Guy Two: Oh yeah good point, let's do it!
by Migdal Kadanoff May 22, 2022
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Burning butthole syndrome: after you eat spicy food like taco Bell
I have BBS after that Taco Bell run
by Suck that tigers dick bitch November 19, 2016
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1. Acronym for Be Back Soon. Used in chatrooms, IMs and the like to indicate to others that you will be AFK/offline/gone for a period of time that is too long to just say brb, but not long enough to warrant a bbl; usually 10-30 minutes.

2. Acronym for Bulletin Board System, the predecessors to forums. Pulsar is an example of a BBS - it was founded in Belgium and was the first to use HTML pages.
1. (In an IM convertsation) "Hey my dad's calling me, BBS"

2. "Do you remember Pulsar?" -"That old BBS? Yeah, it was pretty cool."
by JoMan112 February 9, 2011
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BBS, an abreviation of Bulletin Board System now more commonly known as Forums. BBS are usually found on the Internet but Network based BBS are often used by large businesses.
Check the BBS regulary.
by BloodiedFangs March 4, 2005
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Jane Doe: Omg, I just ate the most spicy food ever...
John Doe: Shit! Really? Did you let it out?
Jane Doe: Yea and I had BBS for a week!!!
John Doe: Yum
by Wooooo Child! February 22, 2011
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Big Bag Syndrome- Where your bag is too big for you (normally associated with small people)
Hey that guy has BBS
by Jimmy_C May 21, 2018
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BBS is an acronym for Bitches be Schemin. In reference to a member of the female race in general.
by vIxN August 7, 2010
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