He’s fucking hot, does not give any fuck what however
Fakka Milan
by mia khaliva December 18, 2018
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a cool guy or girl who is pretty chill but can be a little feisty sometimes, love you make people laugh and loves to quote iconic vines( RIP vine) is great at parties and quite hyper

(also a city in Italy )
by bhjkyolfyul October 31, 2018
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Milan is a Slovenian/Serbian common name wich can translate to Matthew in English,Milan is also know to be a word for hot or handsome
That guy is so Milan
by Счка вгуат October 18, 2019
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That one guy who is FRIENDLY AND CARES. Usually over flud with Wealth as the city Milan.
Never breaks TRUST and will do anything fr his Friends
She:Do you know anyone Perfect for me ?
She 2: Don't you know Milan?
by Gucci Rover August 22, 2018
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1. Name: Milans are beautiful, brilliant, and have wonderful personalities. They brighten up everyone's day.

2. A city in Italy.
1. Kevin was feeling pretty bad until he met the new girl. She was probably a Milan.

2. For our vacation, let's go to Milan, Italy.
by Fegelland May 22, 2013
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A beautiful girl who gets all the attention when she walks in the room. She's shy but when you get to know her, she's amazing. She's fun to be around, goofy, and hilarious. She looks rather mean but she's very sweet and caring on the inside. She's the best girlfriend ever. She doesn't take any sh*t though so beware
Milan is so amazing!
by HeyHalleD December 28, 2015
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Good friend and very loyal. Very funny and talkative. At first sight she looks mean but if you get to know her she is nice. Milans’ are very outgoing and fun to talk to. Can be annoying and dirty minded so be careful. If you ever meet a Milan have a great time with her!!!!
Milan is funny.
by Roxx May 14, 2019
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