Someone who will kick your ass with the flick of their wrist.
Be careful what you say, that dude is a fuckin Brando
by Dym June 11, 2004
A Swagged out young fellow who wears a black sweatshirt. Hustles third graders for lunch money
I was with Brando the other day, what a cool guy.
by YoungMan123 March 12, 2013
The Craziest Mexican you will ever meet. He is kinda perverted but all in all he is the funniest kid ever. When you meet a Brando you will automatically laugh. Brando's also have alot of sex
by caryn69 February 21, 2011
A guy who learns muai thai and likes to crack a joke once in a while loves to play pingpong
Ah dude brando want to play pingpong
by Mosseboy September 25, 2018
The transition from hot male celebrity into a massive unattractive mess mirroring the trajectory of Marlon Brando. (e.g. Brendan Fraser, Val Kilmer, Vin Diesel in a few years (?) )
"If Val Kilmer doesn't want to go Brando, he'd better hire a personal trainer."

Vin Diesel to James Corden: The Late Late Show - 1/18/2017

James Carden: Do you ever think there will be a day, when you are just going to go nuts and let it all go?
Vin diesel: "Yes, I want to pull a Brando.
by American Hustler February 26, 2017
The tank top of the sort called "wife-beaters" and, later on, in a burst of completely misguided feminism, "boy beaters".

Brando looked famously steamy in one in "Streetcar Named Desire", and let's face it, I think we can agree that abuse jokes aren't particularly funny.
"A totally hot guy just passed me on the street wearing a Brando. I had to wolf-whistle at him!"
by ThursdayWeld March 28, 2010
A term when something is too cool, normal words can NOT describe: Fucking amazing in every sense.

When you're too cool to use full words to describe or explain
Nicole "Did you make a resi for tonight at TAO"
Natalie "Did you just say 'resi', that was sooo BRANDO of you

Alan "Can someone order me a sammi"
Natalie "Do you mean a 'SANDWICH', stop trying to be so brando Alan"
by nj9876543 December 14, 2018