Ghouly is a Tryhard Minecraft server owner who loves naps, and probbaly takes pills as far as we know. He loves saying HALLU, HALLO, Yeppu, Nop. He also loves taking time to send out amazing updates that involve but are not limited to the flareon quest. He also loves money, money money MONEY. And should only be trusted if he says I will be more active on the server! He is also nice sometimes when the sun is setting and he is not on a sleep scheldule.
STAFF: Ghouly the server is down fix it. *General chat @ghouly fix it u damn cat! Staff: Spam @ghouly a few thousand times. (3 hours later) Ghouly: Hallo! Im awake just got up from a nap. (verbal rape continues in staff chat and is to vulgar to show.)
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