"i think my derriere is less hairy than that french woman over there"
by LB skandoman April 5, 2005
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the posterier, the buttocks
Her parents are always on her derriere.
by Light Joker February 15, 2006
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A name for having just committed the act of butt sex.
Male #1: Hey, why are you applying Vaseline on your ass?
Male #2: I just did the derriere deed with you know who, I have a sensitive bunghole cut me some slack!
by $crumptious A$$hole January 5, 2018
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The fancy way of saying butthurt.
Gina got all derriere disgruntled because Matt didn't ask her to the dance.
by bemorechadlike March 5, 2017
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The misspelling of derrière delight, another name for anal sex, used by Ana Kasparian on TYT
Texas wants to ban derrière delight and derriere delight
by FalconSteve December 20, 2022
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A song dat refers to da delectable object you'd be after when looking for a "piece of a**" in England's capital city.
They sat dat U.K. chicks have da best-looking behinds in da world, so perhaps da act of seeking out a little "London derriere" would indeed be a rewardingly-worthwhile endeavor.
by QuacksO March 18, 2023
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