One of the most important features of tights is the denier. Denier is a unit of weight used for determining the fineness or thickness of the tights. The lower the denier value, the more fragile, sheer, and thinner the tights are. The higher the number the more opaque, thicker, stronger the tights.
Amy: I want the 200 denier black tights for fall/winter.
Angel: I want the red 40 denier tights, I could just look so cute with them and my outfit.
by Unknown-245 November 6, 2018
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"Deniers" are the people that refuse to accept the reality that no matter how many times you tell the lies about Barack's birth certificate it will never become the truth...
I was watching "The View" the other day and that group of Yentas was sitting there arguing with Donald Trump about Barry Soetoro's birthplace and not a single one of them used a shred of verifiable proof to bolster their case... I'm so sick of these Deniers... if you can't prove "your truth"... it will never be anything but a lie...
by Jared L. Ohlinger April 21, 2011
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An ole fashioned busybody who thinks its their job to point out their neighbors transgressions, then when you point out they are a Karen they use semantics and other made up definitions on UD to save the humiliation of being labeled a Karen. Also know as a "YadKaren".
Dang did you see Bob go at his neighbor again for the fence that was 2 inches above code?

Yeah I've talked to Bob, he is a karen denier, there is no hope but he does have cold beer
by theway146 May 4, 2021
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Someone who is completely addicted to Facebook, but tries to claim they really aren't when mocked about their addiction. They claim they "rarely use" Facebook. Like a crackhead, they just want to log into Facebook "one last time".

The FB denier is usually an adult, as at least teeny boppers have the decency to flat out admit they are addicted.
Jr (a prototypical Facebook denier): I rarely use Facebook.

Kip: Yo brutha, see that My Little Pony group on FB??

Jr: No. Sweet! Add me, bro!
by moraleboatanchor April 14, 2013
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Idiotic in-denial simpletons who desperately want to repudiate whom is clearly real.
You're a santa denier!? Let me guess, you think the parents deliver the presents??? You must be insane.
by squidb_ll December 4, 2020
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A person who covers-up or denies the existence of the ongoing coronavirus
bob: we must stop the spread of the coronavirus.

covid denier: there is no coronavirus it's just a flew!
by Anonymous Robloxian December 3, 2020
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The single person in a group who rejects a joke as unfunny, while all others regard it as devastatingly funny and potentially capable of causing 6 million people to die of laughter.
Often someone who is generally considered to have a poor or weak sense of humour.
Phil: Dave didn't laugh once during that Flight of the Conchords show
Harry: I know man, what a lolocaust denier
by lbr11 April 28, 2011
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