Geoffrey has the most amazing smile you’ll ever see. He’s chill and makes beats that rock the streets. Geoffrey is serious and straight forward but under all his layers he’s a mushy gushy guy who just want a hug. Geoffrey is fiercely loyal, well spoken, and has the ability to make you laugh anywhere and anytime. Great kisser, even better friend. Guys hate him, women want him, and everyone else wants to be him.
I think I’m falling in love.

With who?
by MissLaK June 3, 2018
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Geoffrey is a Teutonic name, meaning "God's peace".
With a lot of charm, Geoffrey can be really mysterious and could seems shy to the first look, but when you start to speak with him you will only see is smiles overflowing you with happiness.
Smart, trustworthy, kind, peaceful, brave, romantic with a lot of talents. always watching out for the people he surrounds himself with, trying to find honesty, kindness and loyalty in them. If a Geoffrey need to say something to someone he will do it, even if their word can hurt, for them the only way to find solution, is to speak and be honest with each over.
Aware of their surroundings and really concerned with the other people. They are often overwhelmed by their feelings, but always try not show them to not bring no one else more worried.
They always spread happiness around them with a simple smile on their face and having a Positive attitude. They have a golden heart, and don't like to see people in need, always trying to help them.
Geoffrey is the definition of the loyalty, he will always listen and understand is a partner. passionate, for him, the love never dies and the monotony in a couple is the thing you will never find with him. If he gives you is love and trust, you can be sure it will never fade away.

They like peaceful environment and know how to see beauty in everything. Being with a Geoffrey Looking at the sky full of stars while laying in the sand of the beach is one moment you will remember all your life.
"Yeah! Geoffrey save The day !"
by El psy congro June 5, 2017
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A Fun guy to hang out with. He can be very inappropriate at times. A Geoffrey is a great guy to be with if you want a good laugh. He Loves playing cod on the xbox and no matter what you say he will always say its the best. A Geoffrey will never call you names like b*** or anything like that. sometimes to get a good laugh a Geoffrey will stand up when your in the middle of something an yell ''I'M BATMAN '' then sit back down like nothing ever happend. A Geoffrey is a great friend once you get to know him. He is one of the funnest guy friend youll ever have. You surely will always want to keep him in your life.
Girl 1 "whos that kid over there?"
Girl 2 "Thats Geoffrey, He's a coo kid"
by midnight101 January 11, 2013
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A Geoffrey is usually a male specimen that is tall, and particularly awesome, and filled with authenticity. No, this spanish filled wonder is not assosiated with illegal substances. Geoffreys maintain a highly developped mind, and play an instrument. Not open to others opinions. Never unwanted in a group. Perfect relationship material. Don't judge a geoffrey by his orientation. With a wonderfully advanced sence of style.
Girl 1: You're totally going to end up with GEOFFREY
Girl 2: Really? You think?
Girl 1: Well ya, you look good together !
Girl 2: Alright ;)

Whoa ! Geoffrey ! You have a great sence of style !

Man ! I wish I was geoffrey !
by Peopleunknown March 18, 2011
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A: Why were you at Toys R Us?!
B: To see Geoffrey! Duh!
by geoff perch May 29, 2005
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Geoffrey is a rare one to say the least. People are often confused when they see it written down on paper. It is the highest form of the name. Geoffrey is a gentle giant, he means no harm, but when something or someone makes him upset or angry, it's best to steer clear. At the times when he is calm and collected he is one of the best people to be around. He has amazing leadership skills. He is also very stubborn, and will not stop until he gets something done, for if he really puts his mind to it, there's nothing he can't achieve. There are many sides to Geoffrey, only to be discovered by new friends, and enemies.
Guy1:Hey did you scratch Geoffreys car?
Guy2:Yeah, but it was an accident, is it that bad?
Guy1:Uhh, yeah. I'd go somewhere else if I were you.
Guy2:Good idea, bye.
by Jazzy Jambalaya March 13, 2017
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A name that can command upmost respect or downright contempt and everything in between.
"Geoffrey" is the highest form of the name and "Jephrye" is the lowest.
The poignant aspects of the spelling being the "G" and the "FF" if these are in place the name is great.
Sir Geoffrey Longsword of Cheshire is beyond reproach, Jeffrey Butts is a small time American crook and Jephrye is the lead singer of some unsigned emo band loitering around Camden avoiding sunlight.
by Essex BAadass August 15, 2006
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