to get killed
"Yo he's gonna get smoked cuz he been talking shit."

This is typically said in ghetto areas.
by yungnegro May 18, 2014
To catch a lot of flack for something; to be the subject of criticism.
Person 1: Dude, Janine is getting hella smoke for what she pulled with Tina’s ex last night.

Person 2: Then let her have it. That hoe deserves to get smoke.
by Princess Jae June 17, 2019
A sentence my friend uses way too often.
Me: Dang I died in this game
My Friend: lmao Get Smoked
by CharlieIsAround October 27, 2021
if you mess with me your gonna get the smoke. i want the smoke with you.
by kristidenninger March 3, 2019