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crap, or abuse; excess pressure on oneself; burdens or weight added by unecessary trials or psychological pressures
My teacher gave me flack for talking in class; Why can't you keep the flack light when I'm trying to study?
by William Highsmith March 14, 2003
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Someone whose job is to represent an organization and answer questions about it, especially when something bad has happened.
They spent millions hiring flacks to improve the company`s image.
by Bere September 25, 2006
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One paid to represent the views of an individual, group, or organzation, such as a communications specialist, press secretary, spokesperson, or public relations counsel. Usage note: do not confuse with flak, meaning (in modern usage) opposition, especially when particularly contentious.
The flack for the tobacco company took flak over his statement that cigarettes were not proven to cause cancer.
by A. Flack October 31, 2007
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This Term is made By CJDAHITMAN.. a Flack can be a Girl who is working with your enemies or a girl who is unloyal.... A Flack could also be used towards a fake homie you have who may act like a female in some cases...

β€œGet that Flack ass hoe over there”

β€œYous really acting like a Flack ass ”
Yous really acting like a Flack ass nigga.

Get that Flack ass hoe over there.
by CJDAHITMAN July 16, 2018
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Flack: Based on the word flak, flack is the sensation that one is being attacked by something that doesn't make direct hits while still causing trouble or damage.
Tucker's latest post really flacked me.
by Paulgilgrah June 06, 2004
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1. To procrastinate, waste time dilly dally around all day!
2. to dick around .
3. to accomplish absolutely nothing all day.
1. I was just Flacking around.
2. she's probably just Flacking around the house.
by whipmenorris November 05, 2009
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