You and I. Be grammatically correct.

It means "involving the both of us"
You and I went to a strip club yesterday. Not me and you. You and I.
by Need4speedboss December 19, 2014
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What the Chuckle Brothers say to each other in every episode of ChuckleVision.
"To me!"
"To you!"
"To me!"
"To you!"
"To me!"
"To you!"
"To me!"
"To you!"
"To me!"
"To you!"
"To me!"
"To you!"
"To me!"
"To you!"
by Mister Ignorant May 14, 2004
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An amazing album released by Falling In Reverse and one of their best songs.
The Drug In Me Is You is Awesome.
by Asking Alexandria182 December 15, 2013
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A beast at the game of Runescape. He is noted for his ability in trolling Runescape celebrities such as Suomi(had to stop making vids b/c of his crashing) etc. He is also completed gotten 99 Cooking in one of the shortest spans of time. This is largely due to him having "Scape days" pretty much when he no lifes for a few days without doing anything else AKA NOXPWASTE!
Noob29021: Did you see that guy training hunter?

Casual hunter guy: Who Me Down you?

Noob29021: Yeah, is he a bot that can talk to you or something?

Casual hunter guy: No...he's just that good, that he can do that and still have NOXPWASTE!
by c0nker June 9, 2013
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The definitive come back to the infamous " no u". It is so powerful all nearby

thots and peasants will be repelled.
Jimmy: Ur mum gay
ur dad lesbian
ur sister a mister
ur brother a mother
ur granny a tranny
ur granpap a trap
ur family tree, LGBT
ur species a fesses

Bobert: No u.

Jimmy: To me you are you.
*Bobert has kideny failure
* Skins melts
*Sent to shadow relam
* Fire nations attack
*Kim Jong Un is fat
*WW3 begins
*All the Gods instantly die upon this horrific sight
by Trusavage3k0 March 29, 2018
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From Me To You is a mad good album by whiteboy Quadeca.
It released on the 30th March 2021.
Quadeca: From Me To You is out now!
*Quadeca fans simp*
by SPECTR April 2, 2021
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