What you say at the end of a story when it was either:

1. Very funny, hence you 'died laughing'

2. Very scary, hence you thought you were going to die
1. I saw this shirt the other day and it was orange with a tent and trees and such and it said "camping is in-tents" I died!

2. I was skiing the other day and I went down Cindy's Run. It was soo steep and went completely straight down, I couldn't stop! Omg I died.
by NikkiDewbs February 3, 2011
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a great way to end a sentance. Mainly used if funny. Kinda like 'then i found $5' but better. Usually used when you reach an awkward pause.
(tell a story)...so yeah, then i died
by hot kinky asian November 24, 2010
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Used to describe the intense feeling inside when you see: (1) someone that's really ugly; (2) someone/something you really hate or (3) something "cringe-worthy".
(1) - Boy 1 "Did you see that girls face?!"
Boy 2 "Yeah, i think I died a bit inside"

(2) - Girl 1 (looking at her timetable) "Bleh, we have German next"
- Girl 2 "Ugh, I died a bit inside"

(3) - Boy 1 "I died a bit inside when I saw a fat girl do a handstand"
by Exocentric February 5, 2011
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Apocryphal last words, often attributed to the bushranger Ned Kelly. Since entered Australian culture.

Several meanings.

1. Expression of defiance - similar to other laconic sayings in history, such as Leonidas' "Molon labe". Essentially, declaring unrepentant devotion to values by which one lived, or, at least, a refusal to die in a cowardly or ignominious fashion.

2. Ironic inversion of the above - jokey way of declaring submission, often in an aside to bystanders.
1. Ned Kelly (to witnesses, as being taken to his execution): Tell 'em I died game!
Attributed to Flight Lieutenant William Ellis Newton, RAAF, executed by the Imperial Japanese Army 1943 at Salamaua, Papua New Guinea

2. Jack (to witnesses, just before being arrested for public drunkenness): Tell 'em I died game!
by Thrasymachus of Keramikos February 22, 2010
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when you see a situation going on, and your friend is about to do something, you stop them and say "I GOT DIS" like an idiot and do something to send yo self to the goddamn hospital
"Bro, I GOT DIS"
by Jake from State Farms Evil Twi September 29, 2013
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When something really funny happens and you laugh so hard it feels like you just died.
1: (Says the funniest thing ever)

1: Isn't that the funniest thing you've ever heard?!
2: OMG, I just died!
by PP3A2 December 13, 2009
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I am died is when you are alive but is in denial.
She found my wattpad account. yup, I am died.
by verobie October 5, 2021
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