The cry of the power mad zombie.
And the tweeker.
And the crackhead.
JOSE: "All gone. Oh, fuck! I'm completely out of shit. No shit !!"
"B": "No shit?"
JOSE: "Shit no; MUST GET MORE !!"

"B" : "Uhh, more brains?"
by Chengo Bolemongo October 6, 2006
Opposite of getting smaller and smaller

Getting more and more intellectually and culturally relevant when you have your own TV show.
by Sexydimma January 9, 2022
What a very modest boy should do.
Friend: How are you? (cares, actually)
Friend: good just tired (for whateverty-seventh and a hundred time)
Friend: Get more sleep dude it’s like the characters in Darkest Dungeon. Take care of yourself

Friend: No

*muffled cursing, yeeting of persons into better habits*
by Distractor in Chief March 31, 2021
said! flex me a euro fo' sum spray more get more, me pits smell like bigfoots dick bruv!!
by Jason Lee Webster May 30, 2006
To really rake in the women. Popularized by Eminem & Nate Dogg's "Shake That."
Nate Dogg: "...I like good pussy and I like good trees. Smoke so much weed you wouldn't believe, and I get more ass than a toilet seat."

When Fred got promoted from restroom attendant to bouncer at the club, he started getting more ass than a toilet seat.
by Nick D May 25, 2006
Used when one receives major amounts of ass.
man, I swear he gets more ass than a toilet seat.
by Adrian December 17, 2005