The cry of the power mad zombie.
And the tweeker.
And the crackhead.
JOSE: "All gone. Oh, fuck! I'm completely out of shit. No shit !!"
"B": "No shit?"
JOSE: "Shit no; MUST GET MORE !!"

"B" : "Uhh, more brains?"
by Chengo Bolemongo October 6, 2006
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What a very modest boy should do.
Friend: How are you? (cares, actually)
Friend: good just tired (for whateverty-seventh and a hundred time)
Friend: Get more sleep dude it’s like the characters in Darkest Dungeon. Take care of yourself

Friend: No

*muffled cursing, yeeting of persons into better habits*
by Distractor in Chief March 31, 2021
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Popularly used online, to tell people to go outside and see sunlight more, maybe touch some grass, go on a walk, sign up for sports, normal outdoor activities.

Meanwhile, this is commonly said by a person who never goes outside and calls their discord kitten for 15 hours every day.
Discord Mod: Get more active and go outside kid 😹

Discord Citizen: I am on a baseball team, I did track for 3 years, I swam for an elite swimming team, I go outside everyday because I have REAL friends that aren't a bunch of randoms on an app with a purple dinosaur or whatever tf that is as it's logo, my girlfriend/boyfriend isn't an online 13 year old, and I have parents that love me and actually spend time with me, meanwhile you just sit around on discord doing nothing, so why don't YOU get more active. ☠️

Discord Mod: ...

His E Kitten: *Punches you* >:c

Discord Citizen: ew.
by MaciIsFriendswithHarmonie November 24, 2022
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Opposite of getting smaller and smaller

Getting more and more intellectually and culturally relevant when you have your own TV show.
by Sexydimma January 9, 2022
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said! flex me a euro fo' sum spray more get more, me pits smell like bigfoots dick bruv!!
by Jason Lee Webster May 30, 2006
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Used when one receives major amounts of ass.
man, I swear he gets more ass than a toilet seat.
by Adrian December 17, 2005
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