something you say when somebody is acting disconnected from the real-life world
"I really want that fish from finding nemo to rail me."
"go outside and touch some grass, disgusting fiend"
by slightlyqueerreindeer May 22, 2021
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A phrase said to someone who has been inside and on their phone for too long and needs to get back in touch with reality.
Person 1: Hey, did you see the TikTok I tagged you in?
Person 2: The one where people were talking about which NUMBER they would let rail them?!?!
P1: Ya! I would let 4 hit it, ngl.
P2: OUTSIDE. NOW. You need to fucking touch some grass.
by erin.sharkey April 14, 2021
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something you say to someone when they need to come back down to earth. some similar sayings are come back down to earth , go outside , etc.
Mark: My life is so hard

Juby: Sir please go and touch some grass
by nickifan5ever February 3, 2021
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A command people use on toxic people when they go too far, which is basically asking the toxic person to go in nature for a while.
Person 2: Geez, calm down, go touch some grass.
by Based Cow November 18, 2021
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Something you say to people that simp for fictional characters, dbtards, narutards, aottards, mhatards and bts fans.
by AregSPX April 15, 2022
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An expression used to tell someone to take off their rose coloured glasses, restrain their lustful urges and get control of their hormones.
Person 1: oh my gosh have you seen how sexy my crush is in his last post? God I’d love to suck those little toes of his and have his children 😍

Person 2: AYO WHAT? That was way outta pocket fam, go touch some grass and take a breather.
by Max Frampton December 13, 2021
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