A methamphetamine user. Tweekers are known for their extreme paranoia, flagrant dishonesty, and lack of non-tweeker friends. A tweeker will steal your stuff and then help you look for it.
If you let those god damned tweekers come to your party, don't expect to have your stereo in the morning.
by josh@rootpoot November 25, 2003
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He might be doing a little coke, but he's way too fat to be a tweeker.
by Village Idiot May 21, 2012
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A methamphetamine user. The term was coined for the sleep deprivation crystal meth addicts usually undergo. Some users would stay up for two weeks at a time so came the phrase 'two weekers' which eventually became tweeker.
Its been days since that guys gotten any sleep or had something to eat.. he's gotta be a tweeker.
by jeff! August 10, 2005
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Someone addicted to meth. Usually they are untrustworthy, incureable, and totally not themselves. When one does meth, a profound change occurs. The person is no longer themself, and will now steal anything from anyone to get money for meth, and is often alone due to the extreme paranoia induced by the comedown of the meth. First tweekers start by doing lines, then by smoking meth, then freebasing it, then by straight up injecting it. Once they inject speed, they are officially hopeless tweekers. Generally, when such means are taken to get high, the tweeker is now homeless, and disowned by his/her family, really underweight due to lack of food and sleep, and has a poor facial complexion also due to lack of food and sleep. Often, when tweekers are in such state of despair, they will do anything- and I mean anything- to get their meth. Oftentimes they will suck dick (no matter if it's a dude or a chick) and even get raped up the ass for meth. Sometimes they will sell stolen merchandise for meth. Sometimes they will even mug their own family for meth. They can be that desparate.
"Man, don't let the tweekers into your house. You ain't gonna have anythin left when they leave."

"Up the ass, bitch, or you don't get yo' crank!"
by TheGhoul March 22, 2006
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A person addicted to some type of speed whose favorite hobbies include taking things apart beyond recognition, sitting by the backdoor with a large knife, 'dieting', watching American Idol, and staying up for up to 2 weeks strait. They can some times be dangerous, but are usually a lot of fun.
Yea, that fucking tweeker was about to stab me when I walked through the door, but then she realized who I was! After I watched American Idol with her she gave me her TV to go across town and get her some more crystal. Yea, she's been looking really skinny...
by Cali February 11, 2004
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The homeless, meth addict, usually skinny, smelly, who is riding a 10,000 racing mountain bike, dressed in rags, malnourished, at three oclock in the morning through the streets of sunnyslope, (phx az)with a 10 foot antique brass lamp over there shoulder on their way to the (meth)dope mans house to score another $20 bag, if you watch him long enough you will most likely see him look over his shoulder to see if "they" are close behind, you will likely see him stop at each and every dumpster that looks like it might have anything at all in it.
phx cop to glendale cop: anything new tonight?... (tweeker rides by on sidewalk causing officer to spill his coffee) damm tweekers! watch where you going or ill arrest your ass for ....glendale cop in response....."you mean you actually bother to arrest them? me and the boys find it so much quicker just to stop em, confiscate their drugs and let them go."
by nobody in phx June 19, 2009
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Or spelled as tweaker, refers to someone who does meth, or cocaine.

Could also refer to abusing Adderall, or Dex, or similar drugs prescribed to treat ADHD. Because the ingredients are the same, Adderall is just a really really low dosage of it. Abusing get's you the same high, which is tweeking.
person 1:"Man what's your plans for the party tonight?"
person 2:"I plan on tweeking (getting high)on Adderall."
person 1:"Dude I knew you were a tweeker!!"
tweaker meth cocaine drugs party high
by midnightrise January 22, 2016
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