A man shall name the opposite sex, such as know, "An underage girl." Once the individual identified the opposite sex, his "discord kitten." The man will provide with his kitten with "nitro." Every time she pleases.
"hold on I gotta unmute this asshole talking to me" - the trap

"Discord kitten shall we go to a private VC?" - dirty old musty 50-year-old grandpa diaper wearing ass.

by k1rbytop1 September 24, 2020
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a girl who just wants to cash out from saying "UwU"
"Hey can u please give me some nitro UwU"- discord kitten
by Yumeko <33 April 28, 2021
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a discord kitten is a person who will meow meow for nitro
dream is quackitys discord kitten he is such a little meow meow

quackity likes to collect discord kittens.
by dreamisawoofwoof April 27, 2021
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a discord kitten is someone who meow meows for nitro, so for example, georgenotstraight is quacktitties discord kitten.
quacktittie- 'ur my discord kitten now george' *gives nitro*

georgenotstraight- 'ok daddy' *has 2 year nitro*

dreamwasgay- 'HEART BEEN BROKE SO MANY TIMES...' *slaps quacktittie*

quacktittie- *coughs in ipad kid*


now this is how being a discord kitten works
by dreamscolourblindboy June 17, 2021
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a discord kitten is a female or even a male who is submissive over a moderator and meows for them. i have 4983 kittens in my basement and i make them meow to me day and night <3
: "look at that guy, he has a discord kitten protecting him"
by rotful April 2, 2022
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A discord kitten is a humble, sweet, adorable, loveable, and goofy crazy little kitty :3. Basically, as a certified discord kitten my job is to please each and every discord admin that crosses my path, making sure they leave feeling an immense amount of pleasure. If you fail at that job, you will have to make it up to the admin that you upset, in whatever way they desire.
There is a lot more I could say, but this is just a basic synopsis!
Alex Hamilton is a discord kitten for the server admin by doing whatever the server admin wants.
by InvincibleRMC September 25, 2020
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