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A phrase commonly used by two friends to refer to stating the obvious. This often occurs when they’ve discussed intensely personal matters over text but haven’t said shit to each other in person apart from x equalling 13.
Or just a genuine genius observation.
Gamer Girl:*stares*

Genius Boy: *stares*
*more staring*

Gamer boy: Water is wet! Wet water

*basks in glory*
by Distractor in Chief March 31, 2021
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What a very modest boy should do.
Friend: How are you? (cares, actually)
Friend: good just tired (for whateverty-seventh and a hundred time)
Friend: Get more sleep dude it’s like the characters in Darkest Dungeon. Take care of yourself

Friend: No

*muffled cursing, yeeting of persons into better habits*
by Distractor in Chief March 31, 2021
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I quote directly:

“His voice is weird and he’s always like
All of these other believably flaw (Ed) people are FUCKING BITCHES”
I hate Chaos soooo much

Stupid cosmic fuckwit.
by Distractor in Chief March 31, 2021
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Cheesy yet original alternative to Lady. Often used ironically yet endearingly among intelligent friends.
“You’re so cheesy. Like, grand high cheesy lord.” “Well you’re the cheesy lordess.”
by Distractor in Chief December 2, 2020
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A predicted relationship that may or may not occur. Commonly recognized as the union of a Cliff and an Ella.
Ew I don’t ship Clella.

No, Clella is destiny.
by Distractor in Chief January 1, 2021
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A fictitious person or alias, as the variation on traditional spellings suggests. If you do spot a Konneor in the wild, congratulations! However, this event is highly unlikely.
Are you sure his name is spelled Jak instead of Jack? Sounds like a Konneor to me.
by Distractor in Chief November 19, 2020
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Hypothesis: Connor is a child.

(Children laugh at immature jokes. A Connor laughs at immature jokes. They watch shows for children, as does he. Ergo, child. They both hate coffee. So either all children are Connor or Connor is a child. As not all children are Connor, the only possible result:

Conclusion: Child
Connor made a suggestive reference! Fear not, Connor is a child


Anime girl: hellpp mee reach the shelf

Vampire queen: He won’t, Connor is a child. Excuse us but Springsteen awaits bye
by Distractor in Chief March 31, 2021
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