When somebody says this, what it really means is that they are incredibly depressed and don't want to talk about it.
Person 1: Hey man, I noticed those cuts on your wrists and I was wondering if you're doing alright.
Person 2: Nah I'm just tired.
by seansucksatguitar August 26, 2018
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An expression denoting that a certain topic or argument is no longer relevant. It is as insignificant at tires.
Tiffany: Wait what are you guys talking about it someone explain!

Mckenna: Don’t worry it’s just tires.

Jake: Yeah it’s just tires. Anyway go get the whip its.
by Ritz28 March 20, 2022
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A phrase used to subvert the true cause.

Used when no good excuse is readily available.

Also used to hide ailments such as Hangovers, Head aches, Distrust, Guilt...ect.

May also be used as a literal statement yet rarely ever is.
"Hey Bob, you look sick."
"No, Im just tired."
by DakotaMaybe June 13, 2013
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This is THE answer if someone accuses you of being high or drunk. generally used when one's eye's are a bit of a give-away, or when one is on the nods. I believe the unspoken strategy of people using this excuse is that if enough addicts us it while showing symptoms similar to drowsiness, they'll fool everyone.

Wether or not this excuse works, depends on the experience of the accuser with addicts, drunks, etc. This probably won't work with a cop. It may work with a shelter worker, depending on how naive they are. It probably will work on your parents, providing it's late, and they're chumps.
cop: "So, have you been using tonight?"
addict:"No sir, I'm just tired is all...l"
cop:"hand's behind your back."

shelter worker #1 (me): "Your fucked up go to detox. Stop nodding off in my lobby."
addict: "I'm just tired, is all..."
shelter worker #1 (me):"get up, get out! get up, get out!"

shelter worker #2: "Umm, excuse me sir, I think you might be under the influence of some sort of drug, are you 'high' sir? because if you are, i'd have to ask you to leave..."
addict: "I'm just tired, is all..."
shelter worker #2: "Oh, I'm terribly sorry sir, let's get you to bed right away... oh, you'd like to use the washroom for 20 mineuts? of course, go right ahead."
addict: "mwehh... thank yuhhhhh.. *underbreath* chump..."

parent "little johnny, are you on the 'dope' right now? you can tell me, i'm your friend..."
little addict johnny: "No! I'm just tired! Gosh, why dont you let me be!"
parent: "I'm sorry snookems."
by -30- May 15, 2005
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A poor excuse by bad parents who don't discipline their kids when they misbehave. Generally, that excuse only works once but not every day.
Mindy: Come here, Carrie! (Picks her up)


Mindy: What's wrong with Carrie?

Carrie's mom: Oh, she's just tired...she didn't get her nap today...

Mindy: But she acted like this yesterday when she DID get her nap!!!!
by bojzzle June 30, 2010
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Roughly translates to, "Push me off a roof and make it look like an accident."
"Hey are you ok?"
"Im fine, just a little tired."
(They really mean, push me off a roof and make it look like an accident.)
by 2_shots_of_vodka May 31, 2020
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