A purple dinosaur is when your scrotum is soft and you squeeze it so hard it turns purple as it starts getting harder and harder.
I was so bored I decided to give myself a purple dinosaur.
by spodderman May 25, 2014
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Term used by interveinous drug users, the big juicy vein chose into which the needle goes when injecting drugs.
"I'm just going to stay home and tie off the purple dinosaur tonight."
by collector girl October 26, 2007
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When you suck your man's dick sooo hard it turns purple!
"Yo, did you hear that chick down the street that gives purple dinosaurs for free?"
"What's a purple dinosaur?"
"Do You know what hickies are?"
"It's basically a DICKIE."
by K-Dawgg June 18, 2014
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A nickname for your man who turns you on easily
"Oh gawd Alice, he's my yummy purple dinosaur, he always know how to make me wet"
by Lickmytootsieroll January 24, 2019
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That guy in the purple suit who would always hang out behind our school and take my friends and I on magical adventures. He never stuck around too long because our parents would come looking for us afterwards, but he always reminded us that he "loves us."
We're meeting Barney the Purple Dinosaur after school so he can give us more of those "special hugs and kisses."
by scratchmaster101 May 3, 2011
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Once you're seen hanging out with Barney the purple dinosaur, you might as well start going to school at home.
That was so courageous of the girl to lay low until graduation after the other kids at school talked shit about her best friend Barney the purple dinosaur. What kind of friend was she to Barney when he needed her to have his back, was he on his own after that?
by Solid Mantis October 8, 2020
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