A foreplay method in which a womans partner rubs her magic bean 3 times and a little genie pops out to grant her every wish.
Hey girlfriend how was last night?

Oh my, you wouldn't believe it, he gave me a genie in a bottle.

Daaam, u lucky girl.
by sheslikeabeanbag February 21, 2010
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it is where you havent wanked for so longthat all the excess cum builds up. then when u have sex you are able to cum 3 times before u finally admit defeat and go limp. which means 3 times the sex!
jim- Mayn i dint wank for like 4 weeks so when i fucked tracy i gave her a genie in a bottle!
by Dave B February 29, 2004
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a bong filled with your choice of drugs.
i smoked a dank genie in a bottle last night, mannnn.
by Elise&Lauren August 2, 2008
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An ailment that effects the inner psycho of a woman when exposed to alcohol, causing episodes of hysteria.
"We went for drinks last night and Heather was a straight up genie in a bottle, throwing her phone at her boyfriend and sobbing to the bartender."
by Unenthusiastic Owl July 18, 2020
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