what a guy does to his dick when he is alone, to pleasure himself and cum. It feels so fucking good by the way!!!
Johnny wanked over the girl rubbing her pussy.
by hornyhamish February 7, 2018
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What real guys do in their spare time.
Those guys just wanked off.
by JDBOY March 14, 2006
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Refering to being completely drunk. It combines the terms wasted and tanked.
Yo check out that kid having sex with the dog...he is totally wanked
by Gurry the Great August 2, 2009
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When you badly miskick a football (soccer ball)
There's Rooney right in front of the goal!!!
Oh...He's wanked it!!!
by Anthony13 January 7, 2006
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whens you have been fugged over or a bad time is being had by you
I have a been wanked
by Cangh Jui May 15, 2003
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An exclamation of approval and/or solidarity, generally applied in response to words, actions, or situations that can be broadly interpreted as clever, humorous, ironic, and/or irreverent.

Most effective when used in a funny voice, in an irritating context, or as a knee-jerk reaction to everyday occurrences.
Call: "Why are you mixing the ranch and bbq in such a precise ratio? It's just Wendy's chicken nuggets, man, it doesn't really matter all that much..."
Response: "Wank wank wank."

Call: "Why are you trying to ride three skateboards stacked on top of each other? That's just stupid!"
Response: "Wank wank wank."

Call: "Are you seriously going for triple fabs right now? It's 4AM! You have class in 5 hours!"
Response: "Wank wank wank."
by wanker3 November 5, 2010
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