what a guy does to his dick when he is alone, to pleasure himself and cum. It feels so fucking good by the way!!!
Johnny wanked over the girl rubbing her pussy.
by hornyhamish February 07, 2018
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For one too be absolutely and unequivocally mind-fucked. A wanked state of consciousness usually occurs around finals week, when students are reduced to angry twitching wankers.

Wanked can also carry the connotations of being really fucked up on some dank shit.
"Well, I was gonna start studying for my history final but I was way too wanked to pull it off."

"Dude some sticky purp got in last night and i was basically wanked outta my skull"
by Wankaaaaaaaaaa' March 01, 2010
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Refering to being completely drunk. It combines the terms wasted and tanked.
Yo check out that kid having sex with the dog...he is totally wanked
by Gurry the Great August 02, 2009
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(adj) origin - Alternate History Forums:

Having had events follow a pattern to create the best possible outcome for a Historical Figure, Nation or Other Entity that in reality would be highly improbable.

Derived from Wank meaning masturbation where the masturbator will indulge in fantasies that in reality would be highly improbable.
Given that the USA's resources are increased 50% and its economic power is perhaps doubled due to greater development, the USA would have an even greater population to become brilliant scientists, and so you can kick technological development ahead by perhaps 25 years.

Then, with this WANKED USA, you explore the concept of space travel and find that it is really within the reach of technology.
by graud999 July 05, 2009
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