Noun- to stretch the skin of the scrotum out, wrap it around your penis and masturbate with it.
I got tired of just jerking it so i tried geckoing and got off immediately.
by spartandude February 26, 2014
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When you are laying behind someone in a spooning position and you tongue tap their back until they notice
Matt was behind Kasia performing the Gecko, but she didn't notice for about three minutes and her shoulder was soggy.
by legionrused September 19, 2009
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While having sex in the shower push your partner up against the wall kissing her, then quickly try to insert your penis into her anus and watch her try and climb the wall.
dude i totally shocked her with the slippery gecko
by Putrid169 June 27, 2011
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A small reptilian lizard/gecko that has evolved from a small type of dinosaur often referred to as an 'Adorable floof baby'.
Oh you have a dog? Well I raise a tiny dinosaur, a leopard gecko.
by AmazingFoot December 01, 2019
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people are actually saying "from the get go", meaning from the start, beginning
man, I probably wouldn't had volunteered if I would of known what I was getting into right from the gecko (get go).
by HectorFabian December 18, 2012
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A gecko speedball is the combination of Kratom with Modafinil. It can get you buzzed and also be more productive.
I combined Kratom with Modafinil and it was awesome! I'm so buzzed from this gecko speedball.
by HawaiianPunch1 May 22, 2020
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