Gecko, A reptile inharited from the dinosaurs, part of the lizard family, the most common found gecko in a house would be a Leopard Gecko, Leopard Geckos get their name from their skin, they have the leopard style on their rough skin. Like most geckos they keep their food instead of releasing it, infact you would rarely see a gecko have wast in their cage. Geckos have eyes sorta between the side of their head and where people have their eyes, they are placed that make them face streight. Thank you for reading my definition, this is my first one so bare with me.
Son: Dad I want a pet, not like a dog or cat but something diffrent. Dad: How about a lizard? Son: Well is there anything else? Dad: Well, what about a gecko?
by Skatekidjack January 15, 2018
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when your fucking a chick doggy against the wall & you pull out & stick it up her arse without warning & her arms & legs wave around menacingly like a gecko
'you should have seen my chick do the gecko last night after i stuck my dick in her arse without notice...she tried to scramble up the wall like a gecko'
by whiskey fingers October 03, 2008
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The small, computer generated lizard mascot for Geico. Portrayed with an Australian accent. Is a cute little bugger.
that gecko saved me hundreds on car insurance
by i love stuff December 13, 2004
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Jumping into a wall as high and hard as you can, but horizontally, so your position mimics that of a gecko on a wall.

Then you hit the floor.
Sam: "time to get geckoing"
Matt: "That was a gecko and a half"
Pete: "I've never seen a gecko with such panache!"
Ollie: "What a gecko, that was amazing."
by Flat2sFinest November 14, 2010
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A nickname for a shirt with a contrasting collar and cuffs, usually a blue shirt with white collar and white cuffs. Lee Iacocca started this fashion trend back in the 80's. This nickname developed as a result of the character Gordan Gecko wearing these types of shirt in the movie Wall Street. These shirts seem to phase in and out of style every few years.
Everyone has a Gecko in the back of their closet.
by Mr. Moo Bovine August 20, 2007
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The act where a dominant male performs an upward reptilian shuffle on a submissive female, climbing until he can get his salamander firmly anchored in the throat of his victim.
I didn't think she was going to perform fellatio of her own accord, so i unleashed 'the gecko' and started to climb. I made the summit and achieved maximum suction.
by Jl8e5oM September 09, 2014
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