Ghettoized way of saying damn.
and I was all grrl u need 2 get ur hair tracked! And sharonda was like dayumm grrl ima get round to it..
by Angelacia May 9, 2007
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what you say when you see
1) a hot girl
2) some really fucked up shit
3) something that made you jiz your pants
Dayumm that bitch is fine.

dayumm, what happened you your face?!?

Dayumm ... now I need a towel.
by wack-a-mole April 6, 2009
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1. a word used when you think somebody is fine as hell;
2. a word used to exlaim how unbelievable something is.
1. dayumm look at that fine ass bootay.
2. dayummmmmmmmmmmmm what happened to your face?!?!
by alison&&grace September 21, 2008
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A way of saying Damn. Usually about a hot member of the opposite sex.
"Dayumm Jake Woodard got hot over summer"
by OliveJuiceyoutoo April 6, 2010
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when a group (3 or more) of hot girls walk past you.
Did you see that "Dayumm Parade" they were banging.
by freshman25 July 30, 2010
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