to be stoned and out of it
jon:dude u chiefed
tony:dude im chiefed ever day
by cody May 8, 2005
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after a person passes out at a party, take a marker pen and write all over their face.
after drinking too much, jason passed out and his friends chiefed him.
by morgan October 8, 2003
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To be thouroughly intoxicated (i.e. stoned) with marijuana or a related product.
"I took a full hit of the gravity bong and was totally chiefed after that."
by Kevin A. September 8, 2003
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smoking marijuana / getting stoned by eating marijuana
yo, that weed got me fucking chiefed.

damn, i'm chiefed
by cheefydank March 23, 2010
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To steal/take something off of someone else. Popular in Pittsburgh.
1- "Who in the hell took my chair?"
2- "Dude, I totally chiefed it."
by glory87fades July 5, 2006
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to become drunk and passout. while passed out someone takes a marker and scribbles stuff on your face
Guy1: Dude look at your face its totally chiefed!
Guy2: Aww man I should'nt have drunken so much!
by teh karate kid November 9, 2005
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to be shamed by someone/something, when you've done something embarrassing.
ah, you got chiefed!
by anti_starlet November 1, 2006
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