A small tree lizard that can save you hundreds on car insurance.
I have a pet gecko.
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Australian slang: to look at or inspect.

Based on the way geckos look at objects.
Lets have a gecko at what's on tellie.
by Crucible June 25, 2004
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When you are having vaginal intercourse with a girl in the standing doggy position with her leaning against a wall, the penis is removed and thrust into her anal orifice, thus causing her to attempt to 'run' up the wall like a gecko
I gave that girl a gecko.
by Kings College September 27, 2005
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the small angry lizard underneath my computer chair.
That gecko bastard wants to kill me!
by Noc May 31, 2004
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The state of being entirely fucked up from the "get go".
Shit, this projeck is all gecko.
by therealdog September 11, 2007
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a type of sex ploy wherein you are with your counter part in the shower. hitting from behind. but, being very nice and gentle (just the tip). then you intimately lean forward and whisper into her ear "gecko" quickly follow this up by ramming them with your full cock. they will attempt to climb the wall like a gecko.
yo dude was banging my gf last night and i geckoed her!
oh sick dude did she full climb!
by the man sam1 February 18, 2019
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An awsome little critter that can run up walls and lick it's own eyes.

It is the mascot of Geico and can save you on your car insurance.

However, leopard geckos, the most common pet geckos, cannot stick to walls but have eyelids, something rare among geckos.
WOW! I wish I was a gecko!
by G3CK0_L0V3R February 28, 2012
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