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Baeya (Paella) and Tabas (Tapas) in Sbain are so delicious.
by Shiine-1 April 12, 2022
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Black person who acts Asian. Black outside, yellow inside.
Opposite to Sunflower.
There's a nigga who wants to be a mango.
by Shiine-1 February 17, 2022
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He's a cat kicker, he's a kicker, he's a cat kickerrrrrr. Oh, Kurt Zouma, he's a cat kicker.
by Shiine-1 February 10, 2022
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A : There are Superman, Veryman, Ultraman, Extraman, and Teraman. They're all siblings.
B : Whoa, that sounds like frequency ranges! And I can't believe Superman is Ultraman's brother.
by Shiine-1 March 25, 2022
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Onomatopoeia in different languages that is similar to this word : Kerepek, Keropok, Kerupuk, Kropek, Kroub, Krob, Kriab, Kiripik, Kroepoek, Crisp, Sakusaku, etc.
It's an Indonesian onomatopoeia word for anything crispy, such as crackers and potato chips/crisps.
by Shiine-1 May 27, 2022
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The worst type of Nintendo bootlicker who defends their multi-million dollar company when :
1. There's a criticism of Nintendo when they shut down fan stuff borrowing their IPs.
2. There's a criticism from fanboys of rival consoles.
3. They lose an argument, some of them start mocking their colloquist at this point.
Here we go there's a Goalpost Shifter under a Twitter post criticising Nintendo shutting down Youtubers who upload their OSTs.
by Shiine-1 February 2, 2022
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Google's rival search engine. Was established few years after Google first gained some popularity, but Google was so pissed off Foofle took advantage from people squatting their site, so they sued and Foofle was renamed to something that people don't know how to reach to their new domain.
Foofle still beats Google in privacy, anyway.
by Shiine-1 September 3, 2022
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