Hand over hand is term used to describe "choking a sucka". It is when you place one hand around a persons neck, then putting you other hand partially over that first hand and on the remaining part of the exposed neck.
Dude I'm about to hand over hand you if you keep talking about my girl that way!
by Jake da snake killa April 3, 2017
energetically and rapidly
He completed his assignments hand over fist.
by The Return of Light Joker March 24, 2010
Means- You got a large amount of hoes looking for you
Dang you better put your hand over your face in this flick
by BMETRO April 17, 2022
visiting the sperm bank,as a means of supplemental income.
>kevin exits sperm bank<
kevins friends "hey theres kevin,wow, he's making money hand over fist"
by fordman99 February 1, 2008
a reference to your penis as a way out of getting out of a sticky conversation with someone.
"Adar I thought you were going to pick me up tonight?
" hand on cock over"
by gatorade24 November 9, 2019