The act of taking a girl home from a night out but only cuddling with her until you both fall asleep.

The act of satisfying the need for a girlfriend with a casual cuddle with a random biddy.
'I pulled another Thompson last night'
'You have to take her on a date after the 3rd Thompson man"
by HOL[345] September 22, 2018
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a man with incredible iq and intelligence that it makes albert einstien look like a 4 year old,also is an extreme beast and if you added all the weight in the universe times that by 48 you would get his light bench press!!!!!!
Person 1: my god did you see that thompson over there he like just created a hoverboard out of air like wow!!!
person 2: yup he sure is a beast
by lolsszorz August 31, 2008
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A god-like being of enourmous stature, incredible looks, and extreme intellegence. Thompsons are rare, yet well known for their amazing ability to make great things out of nothing; Steven Hawking like intellegence and MacGyver-like mind. Thompsons never quit, and never lose. Thompsons are blessed with the ability to attract many ladies due to his pocket Mastadon. Thompsons have no time for games. Money making is in thier blood, along with gold and THC. If you come across a Thompson:
1) Cover your head because he will blow your mind.
2) Hold on to your woman because she will run to him.
3) Bow down to him, he is superior to you.
Wholly shit Jesus Thompson just turned that water into wine, and now he is leaving with all the extremely hot bitches!

Police: What happened here, there are brains splattered everywhere.
Extremely Hot Blonde: Zak Thompson walked by and blew everyones mind with his good looks and intellegence. I had sex with him and feel reborn!
Police: Who is that guy..... (head explodes)
Extremely Hot Blonde: Thats a Thompson
by GumbyThomp April 13, 2010
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When one man lays down, and another man sits on his dick. He then spins around on top of him while making noises resembling a gun firing.
"Dude, I heard David in his room going 'pew pew pew' last night. He must've been doing the Thompson."
by chuck norris the tenth April 28, 2018
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A very awesome and sexy man with strength that is amazing unreal.
Holy crap it is a Thompson!
by Todd S Thompson September 27, 2018
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Goes great with either a wilson or a hyde, never a selby.
Man I feel like like such a Thompson right now for being with this wilson I know.
by Funny D October 9, 2011
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Meaning is Equivalent to Murphys law, if something can go wrong it will.
Dang it, I spilled my drink, that was the most Thompson thing that could have happened!
by Joicelover777 January 4, 2023
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