"The gauze on this bong is all clogged up"
by wh1plash January 30, 2004
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A boastful braggart whose self serving grift and conflicting lies are obvious to some people and yet others want to believe the con so badly or fear the con artist so much that they ignore, even dispute, the observable facts.
The wizard of gauze announced again today how lucky we are to benefit from his many listed achievements and how well he has handled the current disaster which surprised everyone and for which he is not responsible.
by whimzcal March 26, 2020
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A cotton pad placed in a woman's panties during menstruation, to absord bloody uterine discharge.
Hey Floe! Can you lend me some crotch gauze? I'm gushing like a broken dam.
by Orpus July 4, 2005
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to be on the rag, when a women is having her period
man, im not gonna go down on my girlfriend this month, shes straddiling the gauze
by bness April 10, 2003
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A weeby way of saying good morning, a play on the romanji of ohayo gozaimasu.
Jim Carey: Ohio gauze eye mass!
Drew Carey: You're a weeb?!
by NotMousse February 8, 2023
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Term used to describe the feeling of being especially exhausted after getting crossed. It references the feeling of cotton mouth from being high, and the feeling of needing medical attention from drinking too much. Can also be a crossover of any number of substances, but ‘gauzed’ refers to the post-multi-substance-intake haze that consequently ensues.
“Dude I’m so crossed right now”
“Do you think you’ll feel gauzed later?”

“I’m so gauzed right now, I just want to go to sleep
by m!4m! March 18, 2023
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Another way of saying/writing hot gossip.
I have some hawt gauze for you.
Now you listen here! I am ready for it!!!
by LingDanc803 August 21, 2023
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