An incorrect romanization of the japanese, "Good Morning!". Ohayou is the correct spelling (the u is silent) and is the informal version of Ohayou Gozaimasu.

Ohayo is used among friends and people who are of similar age.
Friend: Ohayou, Daiki!
Daiki: Ohayou!!
by torabisu July 14, 2012
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good morning in japanese, can also be said as ohayo gozaimasu
"darling ohayo"
by irisackerman February 21, 2021
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Japanese for "Hey"
More casual than Konnichiwa which means "Hello"
Person 1: Ohayo Gozimasu

Person 2: Uhh... What?
by JustAUnicorn January 22, 2012
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The correct way to great a person. Particularly if said person is blonde and holds the Jaw Titan.
Pieck: “Ohayo Pokko!”
Pokko: “GWAH!”
by Ochako August 3, 2021
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