A girl or boi that flirt wit a lot of other girls or bois
Joe: remember that girl at he party she was mad flirting with me

John: Yeah but she was flirting wit me more
Tom: Dide she was flirting with me too
Joe: Aw that girl a Floe
by ElBurito May 06, 2018
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major cool chillin' dude, plays mad guitar, hunts poon and milf and smokes the odd durrie.
Yo is Floe comin' to the Party? I hope so, he rocks, also there's some chicks here who are lookin to root him.
by Stella Bronx January 14, 2004
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"Dude, that Lapp dance in Rovaniemi last night totally got me a hot floe job!"
by bunnyluvr April 20, 2012
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A proverbial place where you'd like to put worse-than-useless old people. Comes from the urban legend that Eskimos would abandon their elderly on ice floes when resources were scarce.
Can we put Hillary Clinton on the ice floe already?
by robocarp2 February 02, 2014
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A girl or boy that flirts with a lot of girls or boys
Boy 1: That party was sick, there was this fine girl that was flirting with me all night

Person 2: Yeah I know what you mean I saw saw you but she was doing the same to me though

Person 3: Damn she was flirting with me too
Person 1: She a Floe then
by ElBurito April 23, 2018
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