the act of a woman producing a gush of liquid cum out of her vagina during an orgasm.
i ate her so well, she was gushing all over my face.
by zodak November 27, 2006
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effect of female ejaculation which displays with a waterfall effect and usually saturates the immediate area and/or persons within gushing distance
gushing, squirting, raining
by Kizmiazz November 30, 2009
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When a girl is on her period and she moves.So they blood gushes down her pad.
Person1: Girl why you not going to the party tonight
Person 2:I don’t want all that gush gush
by Maesynthegoat November 10, 2019
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Prolonged and incessant ejaculation, resulting in death.
"The firsht guy that ever wash to get The Gush wash Dean Dorsey. I've sheen the clip. He'sh doing the snot shot, and suddenly there'sh thish real panic on hish face, and he just keeps shtaring down at himshelf whimpering "oh my god, oh my god," like a shad voice, freaky clown. He'sh coming with the tears in his voice, but they are not there. It ish bad." - Dutch Pornstar, Rudy van Winkel
by Ernest Miller Hemingway September 19, 2008
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V. To worship something excessively. To spout off verbally over how much you like something.
That Emo girl was gushing over how much she loves She Wants Revenge.
by Noir July 19, 2006
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