slang for the dick, it is the primary mode of transport for dick riders.
1)Caz: "That bitch all on you dog"

Rezz:"I know, she need to jump off tha g4"

2)Tank: "Them niggas always bitin our shit"

E: "Tell em to jump of tha g4"
by caz money August 07, 2007
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The worst band to ever destroy songs... see Bohemian Rhapsody.

Code for Gay 4.
"OI, bruv, gotta get the new G4 innit? Its safe. The covers they do are fuckin crap! I need a laugh, innit?"
by Monique March 30, 2005
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The best new musical talent around.

G4 are Ben, Jon, Matt and Mike, they met at the Guildhall school of music and drama and were all classically trained.

They appeared on The X Factor, coming second, and were signed almost immediately to Sony. Their debut album (Released 28/2/2005) went straight in at number one and has now gone double platinum - less than 4 weeks since it was released.
"G4 are the best group around."
by Heidi / Angel or Devil March 26, 2005
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girl: why do u like g4
boy: it has hot chicks talk about video games and funny stuff on the internet. and Asians doing crazy things
by hegggggggg May 18, 2008
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