A channel that plays Cops for 16 hours, with at least 4 hours of Cheaters in between somewhere, 2 hours worth of 'Movies that don't Suck' (a.k.a movies people have already seen 1000 times or movies that do indeed suck) and then 2 hours of paid programming.

Occasionally might play some of their actual GAMING and TECH shows, like how the commercials and even the name of the channel imply, but these are sandwiched in between Cops and Cheaters, at some obscure hour where everybody is at work or school.

g4tv is basically the MTV of video games. Resorts to showing stupid and idiotic TV shows meant to appeal to 12 year old boys, instead of staying true to the premise of the channel.
12 year old boy: d00d , g4tv is havin a cops marathon 2day! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! Pwnzorz!!!

Intelligent guy: Are they actually playing anything related to video gaming or technology?

12 year old boy: uhm....not rly.
by rico567 May 26, 2009
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Soulless "gaming cable television channel" cut in the same mold as MTV.

Terrible off the street idiot hosts with annoying personality and no real gaming knowledge (or interest in gaming for that matter) other than what is on their teleprompter.

Cash influenced reviews and show content.

Entire channel exists not for entertainment but for advertising and exploiting the new surging popularity of gaming and the incompetant 12 year old internet fanboys that now dominate it.

Promotes the same dozen games all day with reruns, even when they only have about 12 hours worth of first run shows on a week. Plenty of extra space for "real" game coverage but they still limit coverage to the same mass marketed "fanboy bait".

Parent company recently bought, erased, and assimilated Tech TV effectively eliminating all intelligent competition to this rubbish channel called G$.
Kewl internet gaming kid: U see G4 dewd? Final Fantasy is tha best GAME E V A R!

Intelligent gamer: No & no.
by Hic October 3, 2004
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Now holds the prestige of being the worst rated channel on American Television with a 0.1 Nielsen Rating.
Damn you G4TV/Comcast for what you did to TechTV!
by Hic April 9, 2005
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just about the worst network ever. It is bent on becoming the mtv for retarded 13 year old pokemon card yielding tools who havent finished puberty yet. This is done by taking over techtv and destroying all the shows on it by dumbing them into the same stupid nonsense with rstupid hosts that only have looks going for them.
by uncle sam December 11, 2004
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What used to be a channel dedicated to video games and the latest technology. Now, it is filled with crap you can just watch on FOX. Cops and Lost are now shown on the channel. This channel also likes to play Ninja Warrior for at least 16 hours straight. Channel became real boring after all of those pointless shows.
G4TV used to be pretty cool, but now all I see are Fox programs.
by Wasabimoto October 16, 2008
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Spike TV's sister that turns tricks for less then a buck.
I saw G4TV on the street corner lastnight
by Zanzar February 14, 2009
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Medicore gaming channel that has some good shows such as X-Play, Judgment Day, Icons, Attack Of The Show, and Electric Playground. However, it is also made up of useless crap like Players, Filter, Street Fury, and Formula D.
When I see shows like Street Fury and Formula D on G4TV, it's like I'm watching MTV3.
by Jetman October 25, 2005
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