A television network that has no soul. Enjoyed acquiring techtv and destroying it in less then a year, g4 is just another exaple of the continuing trend of the dumbing down of america. They fail to realize that, in fact, their target demographics (males 12-34) think the channel is utterly pathetic.
g4 has lower ratings than the tv guide channel and the golf network. G4 will soon be out of business.
by matt March 23, 2005
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A gaming channel that has it's own website.
I watched G4 and decide to visit the website. All I saw were threads that said, "omg!11 teh tina and teh lara r teh hot1!!1!!
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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The process by Buyout, Acquisition, or Merger of turning an awesome channel (see ZDTV) into a semi-awesome channel (see TechTV) into a downright craptacular channel (see this page)
by Brisk May 08, 2005
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what g4 does for gaming, mtv does for music.
even xplay is to biased to be a decent review on gaming. G4 sucks! bring back tech tv
by Dwightskaratedojo October 21, 2009
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Code for Gay.
"Hey, Mike...
Do you think he's g4?"
by Samimi December 14, 2010
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A pseudo cult-like name used in reference to a small grouping of girls (generally 7-8 in number, aged in the late teens to early twenties) who rule a certain area.

A group who gets along well with generally all and are considered the coolest, hottest, and most intelligent girls in said area.
Not derogatory, insulting, or a synonym for a clique.
Taylor: Hey, it's time for flag raising. We're late.
Savannah: Okay, wake up G4 and lets get going!
Taylor: But Michelle is still asleep?

Jeremy: I'm so glad we're best friends with G4. They're great.

Kaitlyn Taylor Maya Savannah Lauren Corina Erin Michelle
by flippinmayonnaise November 12, 2009
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The only 24/7 TV network dedicated to video games. Programming covers every aspect of the video game culture, including industry news, reviews, hot games, gear and technology, celeb interviews, insider opinions, and the underground trends feeding the gamer community. G4 launched in April 2002 and merged with former cable net TechTV in 2004. G4 is now available in 50 million US cable and satellite homes. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles and is owned by Comcast Corporation. For more info go to www.g4tv.com.
by Leslie Oren March 30, 2005
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